Darren Lipper is an NYC-based producer, bassist, and solo artist. His deep passion for the bass guitar and electronic music allows him to play a supportive role as a bassist, perform shows with a DJ/improvised production set, and combine both into his solo project.

For over 10 years, Darren has immersed himself in the NYC and international music scenes. He has honed his musicianship by performing and recording an eclectic mix of styles including pop, rock, salsa, jazz, funk, classical, metal, and burlesque. He is currently playing bass with the soul-funk outfit Stephanie Elrich’s Big Bowl Of Soul, along with the experimental jam-dance group Trio Loopy. Darren has toured extensively in Europe with the band Kokolo, and has played with Salsla/Boogaloo legends Joe Bataan, Richie Ray, and Pete Rodriguez.  

Darren’s passion and curiosity for electronic music led him to the world of production, mixing, and DJing. After studying sound synthesis and controllerism, he established the Ableton Push as his electronic instrument of choice. His DJ sets are an energetic, funky blend of traditional mixing with improvised production that showcase the Ableton Push. 

Darren’s solo project combines his deep knowledge of the bass guitar with his love for improvised DJing and production. Rich melodies, aggressive rhythms, and soaring electric bass leads make up the heavy, dance oriented productions. Check here for the latest songs and videos. 

Darren loves to share his passion of music and learning. He has studied electric bass with Matt Garrison and Jeff Berlin, and combines real world gigging experience with music theory principles. He is currently working on, a site dedicated to giving music theory lessons on the Ableton Push. Darren has also worked with New York Cares to help create a weekend music class for high school students.

Darren is available for electric bass, production, and arranging lessons in the NYC area and via Skype